The gallery visualizes the activities of the ERF and their photo shots. All photographs of the gallery have been published under the photographer’s consent. You can use these pictures for your non-profitable environmental activities. But please be kind enough to protect the rights of the authors.

Tiss wewa

Tissa Wewa – By Indi Akurugoda Tissa Wewa is an ancient water reservoir situated in Tissamaharama, Southern Sri Lanka. This is one of the four large ancient irrigation tanks in the area and is believed to be constructed in the 3rd Century BC either by King Yatala Tissa, or by King Maha Naga, who was a brother of King Devanampiyatissa (250-210 BC).

spotted dove

The spotted dove (Spilopelia chinensis) - By Sanju Rangodaga It is a small and somewhat long-tailed pigeon that is a common resident breeding bird across its native range on the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia. The species has been introduced into many parts of the world and feral populations have become established.

Fishing boats

Fishing boats - By Sanju Rangodage

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Ex- situ conservation – Ridiyagama Safari Garden – By Sanju Rangodage

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Wild mushrooms

Wild mushrooms in tropical rain forests – By Indi Akurugoda

painted stork

A painted stork landed on a tree. Udawalawa National Park, Sri Lanka - By Indi Akurugoda

Yellow Butterflies

Yellow Butterflies – By Indi Akurugoda They are ready to start a new life. They have just come out from their cocoons. Captured in Baddegama, Sri Lanka.

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Green pit viper

Green pit viper – By Sumudu Mahesh Trimeresurus trigonocephalus, the Sri Lankan pit viper, is a venomous pit viper species endemic to Sri Lanka. No subspecies are currently recognized.

painted stork

The painted stork (Mycteria leucocephala) is a large wading bird in the stork family. Captured in Udawalawa National Park, Sri Lanka - By Indi Akurugoda

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water fall

Hidden water fall - By Sumudu Mahesh

Red Slender Loris

Red Slender Loris – By Tharaka Kusuminda

May flowers

Blossoming May flowers – By Sujith Lakmal

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Camping in Yakdessagala - By Sumudu Mahesh

Sky, river and greenery in hill coun

Sky, river and greenery in hill country – By Sumudu Mahesh

Melastoma malabathricum -

Melastoma malabathricum - By Sumudu Mahesh

Paleo climatic studies

Paleo climatic studies – Dr. Nalaka Pradeep Ranasinghe conducts a research to identify changes of monsoon patterns in Sri Lanka. He collects samples from the Dumbara mountain range.

Young Researchers

Young Researchers - by Sumudu Mahesh

Woman works

Woman works in her farmland in Handagiriya - By Thusitha Dissanayake

Tree Ordination in Nilgala forest

Tree Ordination in Nilgala forest - By Bandula Babaranda Tree ordination is a community based forest conservation approach which originates in Northern Thailand. This is the best answer for the forest degradation and deforestation. Now Sri Lanka is also practicing tree ordination to protect forests and to organize communities against such activities.

Studies on small mammals

Studies on small mammals - By Tharaka Kusuminda Researchers have identified a relationship between pollination process and behavior of Bats. Decline of harvests and Bat population is interlinked

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Wet Pathana Ecosystems in Sri Lanka

Wet Pathana Ecosystems in Sri Lanka – By Sumudu Mahesh

Field visits in Balangoda

Field visits in Balangoda – Field visits help to enhance the quality of undergraduates. This visit has been organized by the Department of Geography, University of Ruhuna - By Manjula Karunaratne

Green shade

Green shade - By Sumudu Mahesh

Palu fruits (Manilkara hexandra) in

Villagers sell their harvests – Palu fruits (Manilkara hexandra) in Panama – By Manjula Karunaratne Collecting non-timber forest products is the main income source of the people who are living in forest peripheral areas. However, now forest conservation policies and community needs are not matching each other. But villagers cannot forget the forest from their day to day life.

Jungle Fowl

Sri Lankan National Bird. Ceylon Jungle Fowl – By Sumudu Mahesh

Field observation in Handagiriya

Field observation in Handagiriya - by Thusitha Dissanayake

Hill country landscape in Sri Lanka

Hill country landscape in Sri Lanka – By Manjula Karunaratne Tea cultivation has become the dominant land use pattern in hill country Sri Lanka. The natural vegetation cover is disappearing now as a result of tea cultivation.

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Mini hydro power plant in Koskulana

Mini hydro power plant in Koskulana - Sinaharaja rain forest - by Manjula Karunaratne Establishing mini hydro power plants has become the main threat for the wet zone forests, ecosystems and waterfalls in Sri Lanka.

Human – Crocodile conflict in Nilwal

Human – Crocodile conflict in Nilwala river, Matara- By Kelum Bodimana Human – Crocodile conflict has become a major issue in Nilwala river, Sri Lanka. People encroaches crocodile habitats and this is the main cause of the issue.

Conducting awareness programmes in K

Conducting awareness programmes in Kanneliya rain forest - by Damitha Lakmal


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